The best residential home theater systems stretch way beyond a basic HDTV. We are our customers’ advocates – wiring and installing top-end home theater systems in premium Dallas – Ft. Worth homes.  Your goal is the same as ours: A user-friendly home theater system that has flexibility for the future.

  • Transform an everyday space into an enjoyable, high-tech media center for countless hours of relaxing fun. C & B specializes in the latest home theater technology in order to maximize each homeowner’s experience.  Our project management professionals have many years of experience planning, designing, and offering solutions for media rooms of every shape and size.
  • Consolidate technology with intuitive controls for lighting, climate and drapes in order to create the ultimate, intimate home theater environment for your family and friends. Learn more about home automation: one-touch control solutions that not only manage your home theater, but also your security monitoring, surveillance, lighting and music as well.


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For on-time, professional electrician service in Dallas – Ft Worth, contact C&B Electric. Just one phone call connects you to C&B’s entire network of every electrical service you need for your home. Call us at 972-790-0707.

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Home Automation

What combines theater, comfort, security and lifestyle? (Hint: It’s not a Snuggie.) Home automation is the integration of surveillance cameras, appliance status, child monitoring and being able to adjust every TV in the house – all from a single remote control.

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Home Audio

Enjoy the comfort of a whole house audio system installed by C&B. With many years of experience our Project Management Professionals offer solutions that are simple and affordable. From basic home audio distribution to complex multi-room/ multi-source house audio solutions homeowners can enjoy their favorite music anywhere in the house.

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